More About Me

About Me

Over 25 years of business and project management experience in the corporate technology industry.

I am focused on building strong relationships by honoring integrity, building trust, and providing outstanding customer service.

What I bring - Integrity, tech knowledge, superior customer service and expert negotiation skills.

What I mean by that…
Integrity – I deliver on what I promise, help set expectations and clearly communicate, and honor your privacy.

Leverage Technology – I listen to my clients’ needs and uniquely leverage technology to save them time and energy. Multi-channel communicator and able to tailor to your communication style/preferences. As an example, search, email, text, on-line repositories, signing tools and leading technology apps.

Customer Service – it’s about the relationship the journey, your next chapter and/or investment.
Real estate is personal - It's about your next chapter, where your memories unfold. Home buying and selling is a journey…it’s where you – Live, Love and thrive. 

Your home, Your future, My commitment. 
I have a passion for helping others - I work hard to meet my client’s goals. I strive to provide a transparent no stress solution to a complex process. Customer and client satisfaction is my priority.

As a Seattle native of 20 years, I have a firm understanding of the real estate markets, knowledge of the downtown landscape and highly sought after urban neighborhoods. – i.e., walkable staircases, shops, restaurants, professional and fact knowledge to help you find the right property.

-Understand and communicate contract language
-Certified and strategic negotiation expert – write clean and tight contract language.
-Compassionate trusted advisor with a portfolio of professional resources.
-Problem solver – solves problems and delivers solutions, process management and mitigate risks.
-Corporate Team Member - achieved highest awards for; project management, diligence and dedication,
software development and deployment, system integration and process improvement, resource and out of
the box thinker, problem solving and customer services.